Vivo released a dual front camera self timer new machine, but also brought its own new surface flags-solid converter

Vivo released a photo with double self new machine, but also brought their new flagship surface – Sohu technology in many domestic manufacturers have opened the annual conference released the annual flagship, this year quietly climbed to a second share of the domestic mobile phone market vivo also held their annual conference. Vivo X9 X9 Plus: the main self timer, dual front photo 20 million + 8 million pixel through a variety of active and passive exposure, vivo X9 X9 Plus before the conference has no suspense, similar to full metal body in iPhone 7, the X9’s screen size is 5.5 inches, the border width is 1.59mm, the width is 74mm. For one hand, X9 Plus and X9 designs are almost identical, the screen size to 5.88 inches. As the main self timer phone, X9 uses a front dual camera configuration, the main camera using the SONY IMX376 sensor, up to 20 million pixels, vice camera pixel is 8 million. X9 rear camera uses a 16 million pixel camera, support livephoto video recording before and after the dynamic 1.5s photos. X9 Plus camera configuration and the same X9. The introduction of the entire vivo X9 time is not too much, and the real protagonist of the whole conference, is the debut of the vivo annual flagship vivo Xplay 6. Vivo Xplay 6: a new generation of vivo surface compared to the previous generation flagship vivo flagship Xplay 5, vivo Xplay 5 uses a similar front screen surface to four Samsung Note 7, the size is 5.46 inches, the fuselage is about two normal curved glass screen, the screen is the screen transition small radian, with full screen fit the explosion-proof membrane. Although the vivo in Xplay 5 has been testing the waters surface screen, but the combination of glass screen and the metal frame is not close enough, the surface of the screen makes the Xplay 5 becomes a very chicken ribs configuration, perception and grip are not good enough, but also easy to dust. Xplay 6 has improved bonding metal back cover and the front surface of the screen, to achieve seamless integration, enhance the overall value of hand holding and yan. In the camera, Xplay 6 using the SONY IM362 sensor, a single pixel size 1.4u, aperture F1.71200 megapixel sensor using 2PD technology to focus (probably similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge AF scheme used), focusing the fastest time for 0.03s. The performance configuration, Xplay 6 still uses Xiaolong 820 Bo相关的主题文章: