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Wallace Huo sent Jane Zhang signature but oaths secrets of the star all in his hand the number of public concern "Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Hawick Lau Wang Ou "to play" the night again "Zhuo Wei" name on the hot, elusive, always have unexpected places in the name of the entertainment stars with talk of 2016 active throughout the year: from the wedding of Ruby Lin to divorce Baoqiang Wang, from Jane Zhang and Feng Ke’s mother Cao Yunjin Guo Degang forced to tear burst N sins…… Zhuo Wei has been behind the increasingly paparazzi culture, brings a lot of fun for this year’s entertainment". Glossary: paparazzi paparazzi refers to some special track celebrities (such as artists, politicians, athletes and other members of the royal family, the reporter). Paparazzi this occupation first appeared in 1958, was originally the Italian "Paparazzi". Chinese translation paparazzi created by Hongkong people, but we are familiar with the paparazzi Zhuo Wei and his studio led by the entertainment reporter, their main means of news material is obtained by tracking, camera etc.. The way and means people often suffer criticism. Zhuo Wei PART1: the first China paparazzi Zhuo Wei — ten years ago, Beijing factory, Houhai bridge, peace generation, there is a wearing gold rimmed glasses, who lived in Western dress and leather shoes of hundreds of thousands of people in this part of the area to find [micro-blog] Jet Li’s ex-wife, the streets of someone called Zhuo Wei. After ten years, he has not been a fight a lone battle, he and his team has become a rare entertainer let three people fear, he can be an easy job to do the stars have crystal clear. As the entertainment of the "Guardian", being scolded is not a thing, with the film for Edison Chan Liu Qiangdong are playing. Once annoyed Dou Wei burned the editorial department of the car, Guo Degang was once Liu Xiaoqing was released from prison to track videotaping reporters: 2003, Zhuo Wei first tracking candid way to do an exclusive news, from now on, China mainland paparazzi was born. He was in prison waiting outside a night in the villa a day, finally partner Feng Ke disguised as migrant workers into the villa, captured the first big news – Liu Xiaoqing released the first exposure. After half a month to take the Faye Wong Li Yapeng affair, also photographed Zhang Ziyi’s two Romances, Yang Mi love Hawick Lau, also had reported that Dou Wei was Dou Wei burned the editorial department of the car, with the film Edison Chan Liu Qiangdong are playing. But regardless of the star or the audience, he will only be defined as a candid camera with the entertainment reporter. But Zhuo Wei’s ambition is clearly not limited to this. The Yao Di became the first mainland paparazzi: August 2013, Zhuo Wei and his team began with the film at the time of the article, Mai, was pregnant with a second child, at this time Yao Di moved to the house across the street. Zhuo Wei full shot with 8 months, March 2014, finally took a decisive picture in Shenzhen, he said it was really an ecstasy, when photographed the two hand photographer is very excited, sweat down." After the article was to buy a photo: casually asking price. But Zhuo Wei refused, the final news.相关的主题文章: