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Watch the typhoon "catfish" rescue: walking into the "isolated island" food oil through Beijing hydropower – new network in Quanzhou in September 29, (Liao Jing) 29, 14 PM, after more than three hours of journey, Shuikou Town Fujian Quanzhou city Dehua County People’s Congress Chairman Wu Fulian led 6 police officers and 6 Civil soldiers advancing on foot the formation of "island" Shui Kou Zhen Li Keng cun. As the road blocked, only 6 km of the road has been walking for several hours, he finally saw the trapped and lost contact with the villagers due to power outages. Fujian Dehua water town, just a few kilometers on the road there are 12 slide collapse, now part of the road has been reopened. Liao Jing was taken by the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" influence, to Quanzhou on the second day after the typhoon is still heavy rain, mountain collapse, slide and other troubled Dehua city is to rescue. Washington correspondent accompanied by island advance. The rain did not break, along the way to see the turbid stream in the peak between "scuttled", some parts with steep sediment rolling together, and roadside trees because of continuous wind and rain erosion, messy. Fujian Dehua water town, just a few kilometers on the road there are 12 slide collapse, some sections into a narrow road, rescue forces advancing on foot. Liao Jing taken 4 Village Road in Dehua town water relates to collapse, is still in the state of power and water. Police officers, local militiamen carrying grain hiking in batches into the "isolated island" village, sent to the basic living supplies; telecommunications and power sector consisting of a number of teams, on foot carrying equipment in advance to repair the line. At present, more than and 60 houses have been concentrated resettlement." The pants is full of Wong Wu Fuman said, in this more than ten kilometers of road has 12 landslides, many roads have the overall thrust, so it is forbidden to pass this trip and the villagers; mainly to come to the rescue of the armed police force for reference, to discuss how to launch the next reopened. Is the scene of Dehua Telecom Company rescue team captain Chen Bingzhong said, "it has been more than a kilometer in line, where more than half of damage has been sorted, (the) loss is very serious, never seen." Because the road leading to the road there are still slip, and now the telecommunications rescue team can only be restored from the line on the road has been restored, and according to the situation through the road to grab a step by step push. Proceed with the telecommunications and electricity repair, electrical department established two counties rescue headquarters in Shuikou, rescue personnel, goods and vehicles ready. The general manager of the State Grid Dehua power company Chen Kun said, because the road barrier, the electric power department has set up 6 teams, each group of 6 people, walking into the road in front of the line, to carry out batch inventory, determine the repair point; each team to carry out on-site repair of portable equipment, convenient to damage the lighter line. Fujian Dehua water town, just a few kilometers on the road there are 12 slide collapse, in a landslide of mountain torrents rushing down. Liao Jing, vice president of the State Grid Quanzhou power company vice president Li Zhiqing said, to look at the extent of the damage to the power, and then proceed相关的主题文章: