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Sports-and-Recreation The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson The Tucson Arizona Sonora desert Museum is situated on the N. Kinney Road and it features a unique blend of a natural history museum and a beautiful botanical garden. Within the grounds of the museum you will get the chance to see over 300 animal species and more than 1,200 types of plants. William Carr and Arthur Pack founded the museum in 1952, as a non-profit society dedicated to the Sonoran Desert preservation. At this zoo-museum you can see coyotes, scorpions, black bears and tarantulas all in the same place and if you have time, try to visit the Saguaro National Park, located nearby, the home of the largest forest of Saguaro cacti in the world. The Arizona Desert Museum is a wonderful place to .e with your kids on a Tucson vacation, because here they can enjoy a wide range of fun and educational activities. The Best Touristic Destinations near Tucson During your Tucson vacations, there are plenty of great attractions you can see near the city, from natural wonders to impressive national parks. A good place to begin your experience of the Old West is Tomstone, Arizona. The Main Street still has the same appearance it had in the late 1800s and downtown you can see the OK Corral, the place where Doc Holiday and the Earps killed the members of the Clanton gang, a must see historic highlight. The Sierra Vista is situated close to the San Pedro River and it is surrounded by spectacular mountain ranges, a fantastic place for scenic drives, bird watching and hiking. The giant Saguaro Cacti are perhaps the most known cacti in the world and you can see an open-air museum dedicated to them at the Saguaro National Park. Nogales is the biggest Mexican border town where many tourists .e every year to experience the true Mexican culture. Going Boating and Fishing on Your Tucson Vacation There are numerous things you can try during your Tucson vacation, besides exploring the desert, things like water sports and activities. There are several .panies in Tucson that offer boating trips or watercraft rentals for the lakes near the city. These .panies are great for renting a boat and equipment for trying different sports like wake surfing, water skiing, wake skating and other fun water activities. If you are fond of fishing, there are multiple locations you can practice this hobby on your vacation to Tucson. The Arivaca Lake is situated very close to the Coronado National forest, being a 90 acre lake perfect for plenty of recreational activities, including fishing. With a larger surface of 250 acres, the Patagonia Lake is very popular for the numerous recreational activities, like fishing, water skiing, camping and hiking. The tiny Rose Canyon Lake has only 7 acres and it is located in the northeast part of Tucson, near the Santa Catalina Mountains and offers a splendid opportunity to fish at over 7,000 feet. Fun Things to Do on Your Tucson Vacation The Tucson vacations can be loaded with fun since there are so many places where you can spend a good time alone or with your family. If you decide to .e to Tucson with your kids, you should not overlook the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch, a place where there is plenty of fun for people of all ages. Here you can feed the ostrich yourself, see miniature donkeys or take a 50 minute tour of the ranch with the Monster-truck on weekends. The Musselman Honda Circuit is the newest American motor sport facility, offering an outstanding atmosphere for amateurs and professionals as well. The facility is open every day and you can try a motor cycle, recreational karters, and even ride an ATV. The Valley of the Moon Garden Park is another attraction you should not miss on a Tucson vacation, a place where you will enjoy exploring the secret grottos, stone fairy houses and tunnels. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: