Wedding Photography

Photography Professional wedding photography is an overrated animal. Doesnt matter who gets paid, or how much: the photos always end up looking the same. After a few weeks in pride of place on a coffee table, they get shut in their albums and not looked at again for years. Amateur wedding photography, on the other hand (i.e. the snaps taken by guests and friends), can be an incredibly vital memento of what should be a once in a lifetime event. Amateur snappers know no rules and they arent bound by an obligation or paid contract they just see what they like and take a picture of it. The results are often surprising and always unique, but (like anything) not always quite what the photographer intended. Follow a few simple wedding photography tips and even that can change. First on any list of wedding photography tips is the blindingly obvious: its a wedding, so focus attention on the bride and groom. Although side shots of guests are entertaining and can form a nice part of a wedding photography set, the main event will be the pair who are getting married. Its their day, so remember this first and best of wedding photography tips and the results will reflect that. Second for key wedding photography tips: dont try and emulate the pros. Its not just that a lot of professional wedding photographs tend to be boring and staged; theres no point in reproducing shots that are already being taken. Otherwise the poor old bride and groom just end up with replicas, one set of which probably cost a couple of thousand pounds while the other was free. Thats no gift to give anyone! This isnt just wedding photography tips, either though its always tempting, when toting a camera, to emulate shots others are taking, its important to remember that cameras are as individual as the people who wield them. Wedding photography tips number three focus on the things the bride and groom will remember. Chances are, anyone with camera in hand (barring the pro) on the day is going to know one or both of the happy couple well. In which case, they are uniquely placed to isolate things about their day that are distinctively them. For excellent, memorable shots of a wedding, thats probably one of the best wedding tips anyone can give. Use knowledge of the couple as people what they like, what they dont to provide a record no professional can ever give. Finally have fun. Photos taken by people having fun are fun themselves. Of all wedding photography tips, that might well be the most important: use it and itll reflect in the photos. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: