Welcome to Shanghai for 143 years as early as late spring coldness maximum drop of 11 degrees bloxorz

Welcome to Shanghai for 143 years as early as late spring coldness maximum drop of 11 c original title: Shanghai welcome the first in 143 years " " late spring coldness; the highest temperature will reach 11 degrees according to the "Labor News" reported that the year of the monkey to Shanghai is destined to bring some surprises". Reporter yesterday learned from the Shanghai Meteorological Center, Shanghai this year will create two one-time meteorological records — the first in 143 years and 143 years in the early spring "late spring coldness". Today until next Monday, the city of the highest temperature can reach 11 DEG C, in warm spring will be swept away, back to the freezing point. The down jacket is too hot to wear this long holiday. Recently, the largest temperature is a road near the end of the holiday, the sun rise directly to a high position, is the power of radiance, yesterday afternoon in Shanghai is warm and cozy, temperature rising. Actual data show that the maximum temperature of Xujiahui station in central city is 21.3 degrees centigrade, and most counties are above 20. From the meteorological definition, continuous 5 days average temperature reached 10 degrees, can be regarded as the real spring. But it is understood that since the second largest since, have 4 days to meet the spring threshold, and today the temperature is still low, the highest temperature can reach 19 DEG C, the minimum is 11 degrees Celsius, so in February 9th this year, the spring is almost "That’s final". Data show that the average annual Spring Festival in Shanghai is March 25th, and 2000 to 2009 is the earliest spring for February 16, 2004, of which 6 years are in the middle of 3 into the spring. Previously, since 1873, Shanghai’s early spring time is February 14, 1898. This year’s spring time, will undoubtedly create a new meteorological records. Surprisingly, just after the spring, Shanghai will encounter a "late spring coldness". Yesterday, the Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory has issued a cold wave reminder, a cooling followed by the footsteps of spring kicked off. It is estimated that the strong cold air will affect the city this afternoon, and the temperature will decrease significantly, accompanied by 5 to 7 northerly winds. The city of 13 to 15 days of cooling rate will reach 9 to 11 DEG C, of which 14 to 15 in the morning, urban minimum temperature will drop to 0 degrees Celsius, with ice; suburban extreme minimum temperature is -2 DEG to -4 DEG C, frozen. 16 days from the day, the temperature will gradually rise. Meteorological Department reminded the public, the return peak, hot and cold changes in the rhythm is too fast, coupled with February 14th is the first working day after the festival, and coincides with Valentine’s day, we still have to pay attention to weather changes, reasonable arrangements for life travel. Editor in chief: Liu Debin SN222

上海迎143年来最早倒春寒 最高降温将达11℃   原标题:上海迎143年来最早"倒春寒" 最高降温将达11℃   据《劳动报》报道,猴年注定要给申城带来一些“惊喜”。记者昨日从上海中心气象台了解到,申城今年将一次性创造两 项气象记录———143年来最早入春以及143年最早的“倒春寒”。今天起至下周一,本市过程降温最高可以达到11℃,市区温暖的春意将被一扫而空,重新 回到冰点。   这个长假,羽绒服热得都穿不上身。近期申城气温可谓是一路扶摇直上,临近假期结束,太阳更是威力四射,昨日午后上海温暖舒适,气温一路攀升。实况资料显示,中心城区徐家汇站最高气温21.3℃,大部分区县也在20℃之上。   从气象定义来说,连续5天平均气温达到10℃,就能算是真正入春。而据了解,申城自初二以来,已经有4天满足入春门槛,而今天的气温依然不低,最高气温可以达到19℃,最低也有11℃,因此今年2月9日入春几乎已是“板上钉钉”。   数据显示,上海常年的平均入春日为3月25日,2000年到2009年最早入春日为2004年2月16日,其中有6年是在3月中下旬进入春天。此前,自1873年以来,上海最早入春的时间是1898年2月14日。而今年的入春时间,无疑创造了一个新的气象记录。   让人意外的是,刚刚入春之后,申城就会遭遇一场“倒春寒”。昨日,上海中心气象台已经发布了寒潮提醒,一场降温紧跟着春天的脚步就此拉 开序幕。预计今天下午到傍晚强冷空气将影响本市,气温将明显下降,并伴有5至7级偏北大风。本市13日至15日过程降温幅度将达9℃至11℃,其中14日 至15日早晨市区最低温度将降至0℃左右,有薄冰;郊区极端最低温度可达-2℃至-4℃,有冰冻。16日白天起,气温才会逐渐回升。   气象部门提醒市民,正值返程高峰,冷热变化节奏太快,加上2月14日是节后首个工作日,又恰逢情人节,大家还是要注意天气变化,合理安排生活出行。  、 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: