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UnCategorized For anyone who owns a home you know how many .panies are trying to sell you home security products. There are certainly enough choices out there so many in fact that it can be confusing and expensive too. The home security business has be.e so huge because home security for many is just an after thought. A home break in happens every 15 seconds. Billions of dollars a year are stolen from homes across the country and millions more in collateral damage to homes. So why do most burglaries occur thru open doors and windows? Law enforcement officials tell us that 60% of all break ins can be avoided-60 percent! Break ins are up on homes and businesses. There are all sorts of solutions from security .panies to expensive security systems to guard dogs etc. etc. A lot of people have chosen to have dogs as part of their security for home, RV’s and/or business. Right or wrong, some dogs have gained a reputation as being vicious therefore their use in the security business. So what is the best value in home security products? For the money the best value is the Electronic Watchdog. Police will tell you that the sound of a barking dog is the best deterrent against home burglary. Businesses and estates all over the country protect their property with guard dogs a testament their effectiveness. This home and business barking dog alarm uses a type electronic radar with wave sense control which allows it to "look" thru wood, cement, brick and glass up to twenty feet away. If someone enters a one hundred degree triangle of protection it begins barking like an angry dog. The distance and volume are both adjustable. Place it in the direction you want to protect and using the included remote you can arm or disarm the unit or set off a panic alarm. Easy? You bet. For retail business owners you can use it to announce customers in the store with a chime. The Electronic Watchdog is a product that homeowners, apartment dwellers, RV owners, small business owners, factories, warehouse owners, and mobile home dwellers and all their insurance agents love. Why? The reason is simple-the product works at scaring away potential burglars with the sound of a barking dog. The best part about this alarm aside from its’ effectiveness is the fact that there is no feeding or training required. When are you getting one? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: