Why most Chinese students are impolite in the eyes of foreign professors cashmere mafia

Why the eyes of most students China foreign professors rude a familiar foreign professor gave me very depressed to an e-mail, provided a let her for a long time: China brood on why most students have no manners. It is the origin of a school, just Chinese students apply to join her research team, with a few times, and again late, and never say "thank you", never say "I’m sorry". I said maybe the students more introverted personality, she seriously replied: "no, this Never mind and character." Perhaps because of the reasons for the face, I did not say to her, in fact, I also have a deep understanding of the problem. These years involved in a large number of foreign exchange activities, also lived abroad, it was hard not to notice the difference: at least in the various regular social and public occasions, the European and American countries than Chinese speak much more polite, the community for a polite request than I have much higher. For example, the French in the second person singular would have vous (you) and non Tu (do you) the difference, and people who are not familiar with the speech if you don’t do, not only the other side will be very unhappy, people will feel the lack of accomplishment of the speaker. Also, living in Europe and the United States, no matter what language, "I’m sorry" and "thank you" is the need to always hang in the mouth, said the time not to say, not good will with a passerby. There is no doubt that we have had, in the ornamental and the combined plain properties of courtesy, but for various reasons, this trend seems be inopportune or inappropriate. I have asked some young people, get a variety of answers. There is a kind of explanation is very representative, that is to say "thank you" or "I’m sorry" will be "hypocritical"". The answer, of course, is untenable. I think the more important reason may be that the new class is constantly being formed in our society, and the mentality of the people who have just gained some class status is also undergoing a quiet change. In many people’s opinion, the language is also a symbol of identity, as if too polite to others, to reduce their identity. If not, look at the vast majority of people engaged in the attitude of the service industry, it is clear. Of course, European and American society also has a lot of rude people, these people are rude the cause of all kinds, such as ingrained racist ideas, such as free wild culture gene, etc.. But such people are often criticized by public opinion. In our society, however, few people seem to think it is a big problem. But people often face refined and courteous "," diplomatic "false display of affection" criticism. Do the comparison, not improperly belittle oneself. Polite or not, it does not seem to be a fundamental obstacle to economic development and social progress. But in the era of globalization, cultures and to realize the smooth and friendly exchanges, need "polite" this world pass unimpeded. This is because, no matter "I’m sorry" or "thank you", are reflected in the most authentic feelings of respect for others. Disturb others to admit, get help thanks, this was also the undisputed communication logic. Why has it become a "sham" to us? Back one.相关的主题文章: