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Why? Zhi Ling sister your eyes how oxygen source: new app subscription number: soyoung111 Zhi Ling sister, has been known as pure natural beauty. But recently an old photo of her and Maggie Cheung was exposed, the frightened by Miss Young, the goddess of pure natural eyes this is naked eyes just mown the skin has not recovered! Lin Chiling discovered the double eyelid scar was not the pure natural magic eye goddess! Can not help but think of a good temper and elegant sister Zhi Ling said the only time he was angry is to respond to cosmetic rumors, said he really really real eyes of the chest… From the micro-blog pictures pictures of Zhi Ling’s sister’s eyes is double fold, but whether her student photos or just around the time of their debut photo, sister Zhi Ling is the single fold properly! Then look at the contrast, the eyes are really a lot of amplification, it is quite suspicious look at the corner of the eye. Also seem to have done is very popular in Japan under the eyelids to the lower eyelid, the position of the downward adjustment, let the eyes become larger, such as the Itano Tomomi do the surgery before and after the eye size is not the same, then watch sister Zhi Ling suspected to contrast before and after the eyelids, eyes size really very poor oh. Look at the note before the eyes of the eyelid eyelids after more conspicuous than to. Na Zhiling sister mouth really nose is not really, should also have a fine under the nose, never obvious obvious, there may be a relationship between Biying but more may be a little bit of hyaluronic acid injection let up the nose. Early Lin Chiling’s facial contour can still see the obvious mandibular angle, but now the edge of the mandibular line has been very natural radian, can not see the obvious mandibular angle. As for the real chest… My sister Zhi Ling is a strength of the face. We all know the famous horse riding events in sister Zhi Ling chest saline bag burst, was photographed the chest is really the boundless plain. Na, brine bag breast augmentation is a relatively early breast augmentation, fortunately, even if the body will not cause damage to the body. Now Zhi Ling’s sister’s chest called entertainment ten big mystery, flickering confusing, may be autologous fat breast augmentation in each period. In fact, who was the first beauty shelf location will be great pressure, want to retain their beauty is a normal thing, such as Zhi Ling’s sister often photographed facial swelling or slightly stiff when the picture has appeared when the apple muscle real attention, know the truth to eat melon people think Zhi Ling sister Yan so flop, but Miss Young to see that these are recovered slightly, such as after a few days after the hyaluronic acid surface does not have different degrees of edema, the recovery period had a beautiful back. Coupled with the extraordinary perseverance to maintain a perfect figure all year round, Zhi Ling sister who is not beautiful? If I were 42 years old but I don’t care what other people say I have my whole entire.相关的主题文章: