Women purchase new Audi engine looks moldy 4S shop does not affect the use of Sohu news 97179

Women purchase new Audi engine 4S shop: moldy appearance does not affect the use of news – Sohu automobile engine outer surface of large area corrosion Ms. Wang said, the morning of October 26th, she and her friends went to a Shunyi District Audi 4S shop car, like a Audi A6 car, and on the same day to pay 10 thousand yuan in cash, 28 days to complete two days later, a car, a total cost of 37 yuan. Ms. Wang said, in November 3rd, she went to the car, the clerk in check the condition found problems of the appearance of the engine, in order to maintain the original vehicle refused for its film. Ms. Wang opened the car front cover and found that the engine surface corrosion, there are a lot of black and white. In the afternoon, she found a 4S shop, shop made for the spray treatment silver on the engine, but Ms. Wang will continue to worry about the engine surface corrosion, there are security risks, disagree with this solution requires transfer or retirement vehicles. In November 4th, the 1st (public No.: qianjieyihao) reporter saw Ms. Wang’s car in the 4S shop, see the engine has large area corrosion, moldy phenomenon, including the gearbox, generator, air compressor, and many have spotted the pipe. Reporters in the 4S store of goods vehicle delivery and check on the list to see, the vehicle condition confirmation column including vehicle appearance, interior decoration, vehicle configuration, and no leakage in the engine cabin, the visible part of no damage, without exception, but Ms. Wang said, when the car just looked at the car’s exterior and interior because, "is a big brand, I was not open the hood to see." Commercial vehicle delivery inspection confirmation 4S store sales manager in an Qian Jie 1 (public No.: qianjieyihao) reporter said, the engine surface mildew problems may be caused by oxidation, the customer car staff will check on the car, but not to look inside the engine, and the engine surface the problem does not affect the driver’s safe driving, Ms. wang. 4S store marketing director, said the situation has been fed back to the manufacturers, the need for technical departments to identify the reasons for the solution can be given in the course of Ms. Wang’s travel costs will be borne by the company. In addition, it said, after the shop all the vehicles were checked, did not appear and Ms. Wang purchased the same car.相关的主题文章: