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Workplace pregnant mother is not likely to be the mother of the three pregnant women in the workplace health code after pregnancy, pregnancy health code to follow. So, workplace pregnant mother pregnancy how to health care? Pregnancy three health code to help prospective mothers more healthy, come together to understand the next bar. Three healthy pregnant mothers, a health code code used to shorten computer time, reduce radiation before pregnancy, you will never pay attention to their use of computer time, even after work to find some leisure to do things must be carried out in a computer, such as collecting food, play computer games, Amoy point baby, even if what all don’t do, but also has to open the computer, it can be used at any time, to avoid the open and shut down the trouble. However, now your identity has changed, these habits are also to get rid of Oh, after the completion of the work to shut down the computer, do not waste too much time on the computer. Doctors warned: expectant mothers should pay attention to other people’s computer from your side or back scattered radiation. Electromagnetic radiation measurement indicates that the radiation of the computer screen is much lower than that of the side and back of the computer. If the mother is sitting in a few computers in the enclosure, it will be the most dangerous, it is recommended that the mother asked to be replaced by the seat in the corner of the window, close to their computer. Health code two. Don’t forget to talk to their children, promote feelings of mothers can’t work up and forget his is pregnant and had a baby waiting to talk to you in the stomach, 5 months after the birth of the baby has been able to align the mother’s voice has knowledge, therefore, the mother every 30-45 minutes to massage her stomach, let the baby to feel the presence of TA, enhance the feelings between you. The doctor warned: mothers to control their mood and tone in the work, not a long time in the extreme, anxiety and anger, otherwise it is easy to make your baby "infect" some anxiety and paranoid temperament; mothers never indulge in his own work, and forget the birth of the baby, it will increase the chances of children suffering from "autistic children". The mother during pregnancy to touch his belly, whisper, can give the baby a sense of security. Health code three, ensure timely exercise, prevent swelling in mid pregnancy with increasing baby weight, pregnant mother load increases, especially the increase of leg pressure, easily lead to the occurrence of edema, not because the office will decrease the movement, this can only make edema is more and more serious, you can choose some simple ways to alleviate edema, every 1 hours or so, his feet on the chair for a period of time, this can alleviate foot fatigue. Or do calf massage, in strict accordance with the direction of the lymphatic return from the bottom up massage, which can also reduce the incidence of edema. The doctor warned: mother activity can not violent, to prohibit walking in a hurry or office area, otherwise your baby is very easy to give you trouble. If you find your mother’s swelling of the relatively rapid development, or swelling area is large, has spread to the knee or face, then.相关的主题文章: