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Wu Si: ancient Chinese called "government" is more accurate recently, a famous historian Wu Si guest Beijing East Library auditorium, Chinese of ancient and contemporary societies were analysed. In his view, naming the feudal society, Oriental despotism, imperial despotism, there are inaccuracies, Wu thought that "these four words made" more in line with the Qin created a bureaucratic empire itself. Why is the transformation of the bureaucratic empire difficult? Why is the transformation of modern China difficult? This problem, Huntington’s "political order in the changing society" provides an explanation. Of course, he is not to explain Chinese transformation, but noticed a phenomenon: there are two countries in the world, is a feudal kingdom, a bureaucratic empire, the speed and quality of the two countries in transition is not the same. Any bureaucratic empire, the transition is not smooth; and the feudal kingdom is relatively smooth transition. The kingdom of the Lord is fast, for example england. What is the feudal kingdom? The feudal kingdom is like a chamber of Commerce, a small group of bosses choose a trusted boss. But the president stretched out his hand longer, can not be extended to the company’s small boss inside. The feudal kingdom is many nobles established their own and choose a barony, everyone convinced the king to form a hierarchy. The pagoda tip is the king, but the king had their own territory, their own sites, the people also need allegiance to him. However, the following people have their own territory and the territory, the following is the sworn allegiance to him, each site has its own army, the armed forces, tax organization, judicial system on site, where I is the king. This is the feudal kingdom, is a chamber of Commerce system. The bureaucratic empire? The boss made the world take the country, when their shareholders, when the chairman of the board, and then go to the heroes when investors, or when the back seat of the shareholders, does not intervene in the affairs of the company. The affairs of the company please a bunch of MBA and CEO to take care of, CEO is the prime minister, and a bunch of MBA to take care of the various departments, various sites, the structure of listed companies is. Contemporary people will not be confused with the structure of the listed companies and chambers of Commerce, we can not confuse the bureaucratic empire with the feudal kingdom. One is the agent structure, one is Pyramid. The bureaucratic empire, the agents can not put their own position to his son, the three year rotation, who is not hereditary, they can not grasp the military power is dispersed, and the feudal kingdom can be hereditary. He said this phenomenon in line with world history. For example, Spain, bureaucratic empire transformation can not shun it, start at the same time with the British, but until 1976 after the death of Franco, the newly appointed Prime Minister Suarez Carlos with a shrewd, guiding Spain from bureaucratic empire to democracy and the rule of law. This road is the process of stumbling, and a coup, but the general turned. Another representative of the bureaucratic empire is france. France from the beginning of the 1789 French Revolution, overthrew the autocratic bureaucratic empire, several restoration, toss a few times, until after the Second World War, perhaps only to end. The Russian Empire is a mature bureaucratic empire, until now hasn’t turned over, probably still in the authoritarian position;相关的主题文章: