Wu Wangxin gold fell below the key support inventory increase of oil prices fell denka

Wu Wangxin: gold fell below the key support inventory increase of oil prices fell Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The focus of this week’s market is Yellen’s speech, the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen will deliver a speech at the meeting of the central bank on Friday evening at 10. Due to recent than Fed officials behind the September rate hike, the market is expected to attend Yellen’s speech on Friday will favor the hawks. This is the main reason for the fluctuations in foreign exchange and precious metals markets on Wednesday. Wednesday, the dollar shock rebound, gold and silver fell. Foreign exchange: Thursday plans to do more than the United States and Japan, but the shape of the morning to see the United States and Japan is still shock City, I am afraid that the short term is still difficult to build. There are ten lines on top of the US Japan technology oppression, below the moving average was flat supporting role is limited, very easy to get into the shock shape, the choice of direction is not easy to act with undue haste. Gold yesterday’s decline in the dollar rather than the United States and Japan, so we can not rely on the decline in gold to do more than the United States and Japan, mainly in the space is not good grasp, 30-40 point of the space rather than do, but also do distraction. Do not worry, the United States and Japan will break out, but the time has not come. Gold: 1330 key points have fallen below the technology above the short rebound on time. The chart on Tuesday, U.S. 1345 resistance test, here is just ten line resistance, and then again from 1345 to below 1340, with obvious entity Yin hour chart below 1338 K, the short-term had appeared to induce more empty bets, the author is in the first time to capture the short position, also published Wednesday morning this comment will go directly to the 1310 point of view. On Wednesday, the white plate continues to shock, sold an instant beauty dish 20:40 1 billion 500 million of the value of a single approach to short gold, then the price of gold out of the market of broken bits, this wave of decline to bear the shock very hard, 2 weeks before they fell below the triangle consolidation range, technically we still see near 1310. Thursday recommended 1333 near air loss of $5 to see the 1318. Silver: 20 weeks in the 18.20 position, 30 weeks in the 17.30 position, the weekly system bullish divergence, the current decline in the future rose to prepare formal. In the bull trend, each test mA20 and ma30 support is the central line to do more opportunities, especially paper silver, patiently waiting for the long-term layout opportunities. Short 18.75-80 empty stop 19 see 18.45-30. Crude oil: short-term bearish fundamentals continue to cause prices, short-term weak. The first Iran is not yet clear whether to join the OPEC freeze production ranks, to freeze the expected cooling; followed by the United States API crude oil inventories and EIA crude oil inventories all increase, lead to market oversupply concerns, oil prices recorded on Wednesday fell below the 46 mark in jeopardy. The 46 mark is very important support, at present the 10 day moving average is here, in the average system, below the 10 day moving average is the daily trend is no longer strong, so Thursday’s stock market is the key to the weekly closing line. Wednesday EIA quotes 47.20 decisive short 46.50 to lighten up the remaining empty one after the相关的主题文章: