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A college in Wuhan more than 20 students are diarrhea and vomiting, preliminary elimination of food poisoning – Beijing chutianjinbao news (reporter Lv Junlei) yesterday morning, micro-blog friends broke the news that the East Lake Institute of Jiangxia District in the number of students in the school canteen, have varying degrees of diarrhea or vomiting, suspected food poisoning causes. In this regard, the East Lake Institute said it is currently working with relevant departments to investigate, the school is also a real-time observation of sick students physical condition. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter in East Lake College Hospital and Wuhan University city hospital to see a number of diarrhea, vomiting symptoms of students, most of whom are freshmen. Freshman Wang Tongxue received treatment in hospital of the University of the city, there are two dining halls of the school, the day before yesterday at noon in her two cafeteria to eat chicken rice, and eat dinner buffet in the same cafeteria, to start the night of diarrhea. East Lake Institute of the school staff, the school yesterday morning about the incident, immediately organized personnel to the school cafeteria and hospital survey, and found more than twenty diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms of students. More than two students have been reflected in the cafeteria on the first floor of the cafeteria to eat, so the school will temporarily shut down the booth. In addition, the school canteen two by the school unified procurement of ingredients, food samples have been handed over to the local medical sector. Yesterday afternoon, the Jiangxia market supervision and administration of food and drug law enforcement brigade official said, after the incident, the food and drug administration received two complaints, and yesterday morning to the school survey. District Health Planning Commission under the CDC staff have also been involved. Investigators initially ruled out the possibility of food poisoning, diarrhea may be associated with drinking unclean water or eat unclean food. To yesterday afternoon, the reporter, the staff is on the source of food for students to initiate an investigation of the disease, the relevant work is still in progress.相关的主题文章: