Xiamen customs in front of Shishi off into the cage was friends questioned superstition hamimelon

Xiamen customs door lions pass into the cage, questioned by netizens, superstitious Customs Smuggling Bureau before the lions pass the cage into the cage, questioned by netizens questioned superstitious customs door lions "cage" typhoon? The customs responded that when the typhoon arrived, its falling objects were not related to Feng Shui. Recently, a group of Xiamen Customs Smuggling Bureau lions were "shut" into the cage photos in the online controversy, some netizens questioned the move is to engage in feudal superstition. Xiamen customs responded that it was trying to protect the stone lions on the same day. The purpose was to prevent the typhoon from damaging the lions. In October 28th, the netizen said the figure of Fujian city of Xiamen province Xiamen customs bureau, a welder will in front of the Shishi "off" into the cage. According to the network transmission of the picture, in front of the Xiamen customs bureau, and around the top of a stone lion by the metal net, there are many stone lions near the block without the installation of metal mesh placement, a welder squatting on the side of operation. The photos of stone lions being shut into the cage outside the anti smuggling Bureau of Xiamen customs have attracted controversy on the internet. Some people call it a "cage of power", and some say, "this is feudal superstition. The lions at the gate are too fierce to destroy the geomantic omen. The master suggests that the iron cage be used to close the lions."." November 4th afternoon, Beiqing Bao reporter contacted the Xiamen customs, a propaganda leader explained that the stone lion installed protective cover is to prevent the typhoon coming, it was hit by falling objects, and Feng Shui has nothing to do. The person in charge said that on the day when the netizens took pictures, the workers were trying to install the protective cover for the stone lions at the entrance of the Xiamen customs anti smuggling bureau. "This year the" miranti "typhoon, anti smuggling Bureau in front of the stone lions was hit by falling objects, suffered minor injuries, the responsible person, although is not damaged, but the stone lion’s nose, ears easily smashed into equilateral angle parts," in order to prevent the next typhoon damage to the lions, we do a cover, going to put it up in the typhoon comes, to prevent falling objects smashed the lion." "Because it was trial installation, so there is no metal mesh installed on the ground," the responsible person told Beiqing Bao reporter, after the test, the protective cover was removed. The responsible person said, because not previously encountered typhoon "Meranti" seriously, so there is no thought to the stone lions shielded. "The typhoon, our office buildings are damaged, a lot of glass was blown off." There are some misunderstandings about the Internet’s view that the lion is "caged" and "geomantic omen"". It is understood that this year 3 September 15th 5, this year the world’s strongest typhoon "Meranti" landing in Xiamen coastal areas of Xiangan, Xiamen airport by a Boeing 767 aircraft was blown away and damaged. In addition, the floods caused by typhoon caused damages to 4 ancient bridges in Fujian and Zhejiang. >

厦门海关门前石狮“关”进笼内 被网友质疑迷信海关缉私局门前石狮“关”进笼内被网友质疑迷信海关门前石狮“关进”笼子防台风?海关回应称 防止台风来临时其被高空坠物砸到 与风水无关近日,一组厦门海关缉私局门前石狮被“关”进笼内的照片在网上引来争议,有网友质疑此举是搞封建迷信。厦门海关回应称,当天是在为石狮子试装保护罩,目的是防止台风来临石狮受损。10月28日,有网友发图称,福建省厦门市厦门海关缉私局外,一电焊工将大门前的石狮“关”入笼内。根据网传的图片显示,在厦门海关缉私局门前,一头石狮子的四周及顶部被金属网罩住,石狮子附近还有多块未安装的金属网放置,一名电焊工蹲在一旁作业。厦门海关缉私局门外石狮被“关”入笼内的照片在网上引来争议。有人称,此举象征“把权力关进笼子”,也有人称,“这是搞封建迷信,门口的石狮太凶,破坏了风水,大师建议用铁笼子把石狮关起来。”11月4日下午,北青报记者联系了厦门海关,一名宣传负责人解释说,给石狮子装上保护罩是为了防止台风来临时其被高空坠物砸到,和风水无关。这名负责人说,网友拍照的当天,工人正在给厦门海关缉私局门口的石狮子试装保护罩。“今年‘莫兰蒂’台风登陆,缉私局门口的石狮子被高空坠物砸到,受了轻微损伤”,该负责人称,虽然损伤不大,但石狮子的鼻子、耳朵等边角部位容易被砸到,“为了防止下一次台风对狮子造成损坏,我们做了一个罩子,打算在大台风来临时把它放上去,防止坠物把狮子砸坏。”“因为当时是试装,所以地上铺有还没装的金属网”,这名负责人告诉北青报记者,试装以后保护罩就被拆掉了。这名负责人说,由于以前遇到的台风没有“莫兰蒂”严重,所以没有想到给石狮子装保护罩。“这次台风,我们办公大楼也受到了损伤,好多玻璃被吹掉了。”对于网络上的把狮子“关”进笼子与风水有关的说法,该负责人称“这个确实存在一些误解”。据了解,今年9月15日3时5分,今年以来全球最强台风“莫兰蒂”在厦门翔安沿海登陆,造成厦门机场一架波音767型飞机被风吹跑而受损。此外,台风引发的洪水造成福建和浙江4座古桥损毁。>相关的主题文章: