Xiamen Institute of political science and law held a forum to learn the advanced deeds of Chen Qingz-9c8947

Political and legal system in Xiamen city held a study Chen Qingzhou deeds forum newspaper news (reporter Cheng Wupeng) the municipal government on "learn from Comrade Chen Qingzhou" the decision of the day before yesterday in the newspaper published in full, called the city’s various departments at all levels and the broad masses of cadres to learn from comrade Chen Qingzhou. Yesterday, the Jimei Municipal Committee and the Public Security Bureau organized the city’s grassroots police officers and men of learning Chen Qingzhou deeds forum. From Jimei District Committee, district court, procuratorate, Public Security Bureau, the Bureau of justice and police officers on behalf of Guankou town comprehensive management of cadres combined with their own work, the experience of learning around typical good deeds of Comrade Chen Qingzhou’s feelings, Municipal Committee and Deputy Secretary Yao Xinmin presided over and make a speech. Yao Xinmin said, we feel real, rich feelings, insights, we can see that the Jimei district political and legal system to learn Comrade Chen Qingzhou advanced deeds grasp tight, seriously, has seen initial results. Jimei is the birthplace of the spirit of Chen Qingzhou, should become famous heroes, striving to advanced land. The political and legal system is the study of Chen Qingzhou’s protagonists, more should learn the advanced deeds of Chen Qingzhou in the go ahead, for example. Yao Xinmin requirements, to learn the advanced deeds of Chen Qingzhou quickly set off upsurge in political and legal system, enrich the connotation of comprehensive understanding of Chen Qingzhou’s deeds, closely combined with the actual work, carry out the "advanced science than advanced super advanced" activities, to learn advanced models inspired by the passion and power into work diligently for the people, and dedication, in order to implement the work performance learning achievement. [scene] Why do you wear 27 pairs of shoes in Europe for the past 3 years? Police officers and a lively discussion, thinking about how to learn the spirit of Chen Qingzhou reporter Cheng Wupeng Chen Zhou "why 3 years worn out 27 pairs of leather shoes, and some of our comrades do not wear a pair of shoes for many years is not bad, the grassroots is not enough?" Yesterday, Chen Qingzhou advanced deeds learning forum, the participants in the discussion to throw the problem. We warmly discussed how to combine their own work to further study and develop the spirit of Chen Qingzhou. Summary: the great post of the current public security bureau of Jimei public security battalion commander Wang Guangfeng has served as director of the police station in the mouth, and when he was the instructor’s old partner Chen Qingzhou. Wang Guangfeng said, in his eyes, Chen Qingzhou can use the three "love" to sum up: dedication, love, selfless love tube "business". Although working with Chen Qingzhou every day, but Wang Guangfeng said, it is not easy to learn. Chen Qingzhou won 50 times awarded the medal, full chest uniforms, but he is not anti narcotics and EOD positions of the police but with vigour and vitality, see great in the ordinary, subtle see the truth. Chen Qingzhou love "chip", particularly the inner things he is conscientious. "When I started working, I didn’t understand. You’re not a spider man, not Altman. What’s the use of so much?" But Wang Guangfeng quickly understand Chen Qingzhou, because the front of the police station a no repair manhole blocked, many old children fell alarm, although the scope does not belong to the duties of the police department, but Chen Qingzhou found, looking for the media, quickly solve the problem. And Chen Qingzhou worked for 10 years, Jimei District Justice Bureau researcher Huang Jinqin with "where", "good", the good life of peace "and nine songs"相关的主题文章: