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Xi’an Wanshou Road sidewalk is now two meters deep pit crossing people accidentally fall into     two meters deep pit on the sidewalk, passers-by inadvertently fall into.   the two meter deep pit on the sidewalk, passers-by inadvertently fall into. Western network (Shaanxi radio and TV station "city hotline" reporter Cao Boqi) Xi’an Kim people work in the vicinity of Wanshou Road, he said, the morning of November 8th, he was suddenly on the way to work in the northwest corner of Wanshou Road cross on the sidewalk a "trap" to the pit miserable. When the reporter saw Mr. Kim, back when the incident scene, he is still a lingering fear. Mr. Jin: "more than five in the morning to go to work, the day is black, did not see, it directly fell into the pit."." Reporters can be seen at the scene, the pit is more than 10 meters long, more than two meters deep pit, although large, but it took a closer look at really notice the sidewalk actually hiding a big pit. Mr Kim said, because the morning parked on the sidewalk more vehicles, he walked only accidentally fell down the inside of the sidewalk, as he fell shortly after another woman from the road fell down, two people for a long time in the pit, was rushed to Mr. Kim’s colleagues rescued. Witness: "come up with a ladder and find two people in the pit, and I’ll bring them up."." Reporters on the scene noted that the pit like artificially built, which had no cover, do not see any signs around the enclosure or, if go to here do not pay attention to the fall, it is dangerous. According to people who pass by, this pit is not the first time to hurt people. Live citizen: "this originally blocked, do not know who was exposed, the last time a child fell, and once is a big age."." Scene citizen: "dangerous, so big pit, at least have a shelter?"." Subsequently, the reporter also call the hotline, the staff said they would as soon as possible to the site to view the pit depth for the specific unit responsible for the relevant departments have yet to be further investigation. 西安万寿路人行道现两米深坑 过路市民不慎掉入       人行道上现两米深坑,过路市民不慎掉入。     人行道上现两米深坑,过路市民不慎掉入。   西部网讯(陕西广播电视台《都市热线》记者 曹博祺)西安市民金先生在万寿路附近上班,据他说,11月8日早上,他在上班的路上突然被万寿路十字西北角人行道上一处“陷阱”给坑惨了。   当记者见到金先生时,回想起事发时的场景,他仍然心有余悸。   金先生:“早上五点多上班,天也黑没看清,就直接掉到这个坑里了。”   记者在现场可以看到,这个坑有十多米长,足足有两米深,坑虽然大,但要不走近看还真注意不到人行道上居然藏着这么大的一个深坑。   金先生说,由于早晨人行道上停放的车辆比较多,他沿着人行道内侧步行才不小心掉了下去,就在他掉下去后不久,另外一位女士也从路面上掉了下来,两个人在坑里等了半天,才被闻讯赶到的金先生的同事救了出来。   目击者:“拿着梯子赶过来,发现坑里面有两个人,我就把他们救上来了。”   记者在现场注意到,这个坑像是人为修成的,上面既没有盖盖子,周围也没有见任何提示牌或者围挡,如果走到这里不注意掉下去,实在是危险。   据周围路过的市民说,这个坑已经不是第一次伤人了。   现场市民:“这原来挡着呢,不知道谁给揭了,上回把一个小孩掉下去了,还有一次是个年龄大的。”   现场市民:“危险么,这么大个坑最起码有个遮挡么。”   随后,记者也拨打了市政热线,工作人员表示他们会尽快到现场进行查看,对于这个坑深的具体负责单位还有待相关部门作进一步调查。相关的主题文章: