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Xperia X:Concept upgrade brings nougats – digital mobile phone Sohu [news] Chinese last year SONY introduced us "" Concept for Android Z3" program, launched a series of test system based on the Android 6, bold friends have been the first to try. And the recent SONY " (Concept for Android) action came again, this time the SONY X series will be based on the Android Xperia 7 test system. This version is only for a single card, a model for the F5121 European version, want early adopters first need to download the software from the Google Play Store Concept Installer. SONY says that once you join the program, you’ll be able to connect directly with SONY’s engineers and enjoy the latest updates. But in the "eat crab" before you make sure you backup all your details and try again Oh, then if the official version of the software, you can also choose whether to upgrade the official version, fancier who is not eager?相关的主题文章: