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Yabang Group short financial 15 aproud CP001 "material breach of reporter Wang Jiao years with credit default event. Yabang investment holding group (hereinafter referred to as "aproud group") February 15th announcement that the company 2015 annual short-term financing bills first "15 aproud CP001" in February 9, 2016 (in case of holidays should be postponed to the next working day, February 14, 2016) payment of principal and interest. As payment due day end, failed to raise the full debt service funds in accordance with the contract, "15 aproud CP001" can not be repaid in full, constitutes a substantial breach. "15 aproud CP001" issued 200 million yuan of the total period of 365 days, the amount of interest payable 215 million 900 thousand yuan, the main bond rating of A, the debt rating A-2, the lead underwriter for China Merchants Bank Limited by Share Ltd. "15 aproud CP001" failed to be repaid in full, this is the second Shandong landscape after another short financial event of default, the bond market is China eleventh raised debt default. Yabang Group said that the company is currently through multiple channels to raise debt service funds, will actively raise funds through external financing channels, and strengthen enterprise management, through the efforts of operating cash flow to repay part of the short-term financing bonds of interest, to complete the "15 aproud CP001 principal and interest payment of funds as soon as possible. Guoxin Securities pointed out that since 2013, with the differentiation of the valuation of credit debt, private issuers have become increasingly high premium. By the end of 2015, the same level of bonds, the average private high foreign enterprises and the central enterprises 150BP. Although the private risk premium has been the highest in history, but taking into account the domestic downtown pressure on the economy is large, rapid changes in the economic environment, private issuers of negative events unpredictable, short-term private risk premium to rise to fall. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

亚邦集团短融“15亚邦CP001” 实质性违约   本报记者 王姣   年内又一起信用违约事件爆发。亚邦投资控股集团(简称“亚邦集团”)2月15日公告称,公司2015年度第一期短期融资券“15亚邦CP001”应于2016年2月9日(遇节假日顺延至下一工作日,即2016年2月14日)兑付本息。截至到期兑付日日终,未能按照约定筹措足额偿债资金,“15亚邦CP001”不能按期足额偿付,已构成实质性违约。   “15亚邦CP001”发行总额2亿元,期限365天,应付本息金额2.159亿元,债券主体评级A,债项评级A-2,主承销商为招商银行股份有限公司。“15亚邦CP001”未能按期足额偿付,这是继山东山水之后又一起短融违约事件,也是中国债券市场第11起公募债违约。   亚邦集团表示,公司目前正通过多途径努力筹措偿债资金,将积极通过外部融资渠道筹措资金,并加强企业自身经营,努力通过经营性现金流偿还部分本期短期融资券本息,尽快完成“15亚邦CP001”本息资金的兑付。   国信证券指出,2013年以来,伴随着信用债估值的分化,民营发债人溢价也越来越高。2015年底,同等级债券,民营平均高出国企和央企150BP。虽然目前民企的风险溢价已经在历史最高,但考虑到国内经济下行压力较大,经济环境变化也较快,民营发债人负面事件不可预见性强,短期内民企风险溢价易升难降。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: