Yanfan Tang Ye Sun Li play is full of eyes to kill off screen second adorable girl drop dead diva

Yanfan Tang Ye Sun Li play is full of eyes to kill off screen becomes the second woman adorable lead: after the double eleven, while at home waiting for the express, lying on the side watching TV but the most happy time in a day. Well, Tang Yan’s drama "Jinxiu Weiyang" in a dual eleven day launch, it seems, the November we have new recovery. (Editor: @philtre) Tang Yan drama "Jinxiu Weiyang"   once as the silly white sweet specialist, this "Jinxiu Weiyang" is Tang Yan’s transformation of. For friends who have not yet begun to watch the drama, we first give you the story of Amway. You said that the adaptation of the novel "ordinary female toxic" in the novel, but rebirth theme, in the drama became an impostor. Set in the northern and Southern Dynasties, Tang Yan, the princess is the nation, then replace the real Li Weiyang into the book house, opened the day the palace fighting house fighting the Revenge of life… Tang Yan replaces the real Li Weiyang Tang Yan impostor, ready to enter the palace read novels all know, played by Tang Yan Lee Weiyang is simply a way of hanging open, PK a lot of strong opponents, finally reaped the prince’s heart, get rid of silly white sweet label Tang Yan, this time Marysu fell into the pit. But want to play well for nemesis, Tang Yan’s acting is open up, can remove cosmetic contact lenses sugar can also have such sharp and sultry eyes kill. Tang Yan Fuxue rules Tang Yan staged Tang Yan’s eyes to kill Lee Weiyang revenge kill eyes in the late with a road into the queen, the queen mother, dressed in costumes of complicated extravagance, domineering makeup, the transformation of Tang Yan is worth looking forward to. Later Tang Yan stills only, even if the stage is the main female harem subtly malicious hegemony, but private Tang Yan or a few adorable girl, a swing, a second main domineering female broken soft sister. Tang Yan self timer in addition to the recent self timer, in terms of, Tang Yan is also a girl’s heart all the way. What retro glasses, mobile phone shell, ballet shoes, there are a variety of small bags, it is how to reduce the age how to. Tang Yan PW street Tang Yan mobile phone shell glasses Dai Fugu vermilion street Tang Yan wear Miu Miu ballet shoes Tang Yan street back Coach bag, full of heart of girl front woman, Taiwan is in addition to the big challenge soft woman woman image of Tang Yan, to know the most adept at playing the "Fan Ye eyes, a" kill "Wu Mei Niang let legend" Fan Ye become a Wu Zetian in the hearts of everyone’s beauty, beauty can also rely on the domineering, sultry eyes. Fan Bingbing starred in "the legend" Wu domineering Fan Ye although Table Fan Ye kill attack eyes full of gas, but privately, Fan Bingbing is the girl’s mind, everyone knows that. Love pink, love blingbling, Hello Kitty is the life, and the mobile phone shell beyond count. Mobile phone shell pink dress department fan ye love Hello Kitty Fan Ye eat rabbit series when it comes to the palace fighting experts, has always been the "empress" specialist Sun Li, in the audience is also a funny capital faction, especially.相关的主题文章: