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Yongkang launched the global tourism people fall in love with local tour before Chen Kaifa gets up early in the morning. As the street town of Yongkang city Jinhua Shan Hu Village Party branch committee, at the age of 54, he has a temporary job, the leader, with 6 villagers to travel. In the morning, Chen Kaifa as a member of the first batch of 500 ordinary people, into the Yongkang scenic landscapes and industrial enterprises, which kicked off the Yongkang Yongkang tour of global tourism activities. They are under the guidance of the tourism sector, at the Yongkang International Exhibition Center, Zhong Tai Group, Chen Village, Hu Ju scenic gorge, to join the "landscape + hardware" one day tour to. "I think Chen Cunlai look, learn the good experience of their village." It was a trip to Chen Kaifa, in fact, is a "pilgrimage trip". After Hu Village backed Yongkang peak of second large Han Shan, rich in tourism resources, how to "beautiful country" resources into "beauty economy" of the industry, the village people pondering for a long time. See Chen village scenery, Chen development that "we are unable to restrain the emotions, pay close attention to the development of the village landscape tour." A total of five water treatment workshop, a carpenter, corner pieces, catering…… A step king of Da Chen Cun let visitors impressed. Hua Jie Zhen to build Taoyuan Town, which is located in the core area of Wu keng. The village Party Secretary Wu Zhihua and the villagers while watching the side, remember, from time to time to ask Chen village Party Secretary Chen Jianwei. "The camera viewfinder is almost not choose angle, too cool." Wu Zhihua said, and began thinking of reverie and the town of Taoyuan. The development of the global tourism, there are so few words to mention: global area, industrial integration, sharing. "Yongkang Yongkang tour, just put these together as people around the scenic spots, and" industrial and tourism "concept, the key also allows each ordinary people to participate. Zotye automobile production workshop for many Yongkang people, this is never seen in the scene: after welding, painting and assembly of three major procedures, a car came out with an air of importance. When you hear the announcer said "an average of 2 minutes can produce a car, the daily maximum production of 600 units, the villagers have to visit a thumbs up. Street Village Fang Xihong said: "we are proud of Yongkang Zhongtai, first saw the vehicle is so produced, is so advanced, very proud." "According to the analysis of Yongkang travel agency data, Yongkang annual travel about 100000 people, but by the Yongkang travel agencies Jietuan tourism to the local tourist team, less than ten thousand people. This contrast is too big." Director of the Yongkang Municipal Tourism Bureau Xu Guangtao said, Yongkang household population plus new Yongkang, the total population of more than one million people, this is a huge market of consumer groups, through the "Yongkang Yongkang tour activities, can make full use of Yongkang rich tourism resources, mining potential value of tourism resources, activating City tourism elements further, to meet the strong demand of urban and rural residents of the local tourism, enrich the cultural life of the residents in urban and rural areas.

永康启动全域旅游 市民爱上本地游日前,陈开发一大早就起床了。作为金华永康市花街镇山后胡村党支部委员,54岁的他多了一个临时职务——领队,带着6位村民去旅游。当天上午,陈开发作为首批500位普通市民的一员,走进永康的山水景点和工业名企,由此拉开“永康人游永康”全域旅游活动的序幕。他们在旅游部门的引导下,来到永康国际会展中心、众泰集团、大陈村、虎踞峡景区,加入到“山水+五金”线路一日游中来。“早就想到大陈村来看看,学习一下他们村的好经验。”这趟一日游对陈开发来说,其实是一次“取经之旅”。山后胡村背靠永康第二高峰大寒山,旅游资源丰富,怎样把“美丽乡村”的资源转化为“美丽经济”的产业,全村人琢磨了很长时间。看到大陈村的景致,陈开发情不自禁地说,“我们要抓紧把村里的山水游开发出来。”“五水共治”街角小品、创匠工坊、民宿餐饮……一步一景的大陈村让游客印象深刻。花街镇要打造桃源小镇,而吴坑村位于核心区域。村支书吴志华和村民们一边看,一边记,还不时向大陈村村支书陈建伟请教。“拍照取景都几乎不用选角度了,太爽了。”吴志华一边说着,一边开始了对桃源小镇的遐想和思考。发展全域旅游,有这么几个关键词不得不提:全域景区、产业融合、全民共享。“永康人游永康”,恰好把这些都串了起来——既有老百姓身边的景点,又有“工业+旅游”概念,关键还让每个普通人都参与进来。众泰汽车生产车间对于许多永康市民来说,这是从来没看到过的一幕:经过焊装、涂装、总装三道大工序,一辆像模像样的汽车就出来了。当听到解说员说“平均2分钟可以生产一台车,每天最多可生产600台”,参观的村民纷纷竖起了大拇指。花街村的方锡洪说:“众泰是我们永康的骄傲,第一次看到车辆是这样生产出来的,还这么先进,很自豪。”“根据永康各旅行社的数据分析,永康每年外出旅游的人有10多万,但由永康各旅行社接团到本地旅游的团队客源,却不到一万人次。这个反差太大了。”永康市旅游局局长徐广涛说,永康户籍人口加新永康人,总人口超过百万人,这是一个巨大的市场消费群体,通过“永康人游永康”活动,可以充分挖掘利用永康丰富的旅游资源,挖掘各种潜在的旅游资源价值,激活市域旅游要素,进一步满足城乡居民对本土旅游的强烈需求,丰富城乡居民精神文化生活。相关的主题文章: