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UnCategorized If you are game geek or you’ve just started being interested in virtual worlds, then it can hard to keep up with all of the latest gaming news. Games and consoles update so regularly it can be tricky to know what is what. One of the hardest decisions for a game virgin is to decide which console to start playing on, as asking your friends as to which console is currently the best will divide a room in seconds. Here we look at three major consoles and gaming news about them. The first console to look at this is constantly making appearances in gaming news is the XBOX 360 console which designed by Microsoft, is constantly blurring the lines between .puter and console. Smaller yet heavier than its predecessor, the 360 gives its users far many more options than game playing, yet game playing itself has been taken up to a new level. The graphics are extremely impressive the biggest downside to this console is the battery life of the wireless controllers which can die on you at the most inappropriate times. Overall, the XBOX 360 will satisfy the most intense gamers. The next console that is always being .pared to the XBOX 360 in gaming news is the PlayStation 3, it would seem that either of these consoles does .e down to personal preference. Both are excelling in their market, the only noticeable difference in quality I saw between the machines was that the PS was far quieter than its rival. Aesthetically the two consoles are incredibly different and if that is a factor for you in deciding your console then the PS wins hands down there. Yet paying 425 pounds is pretty steep even for the PlayStation 3, which is where the XBOX 360 seems more appealing. Lastly, despite being a lot different from the two leading consoles, the next console we are looking at that has been mentioned a lot in gaming news is the Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo has a successful past with consoles but is often considered far more the children’s toy. I would however say that the Wii is different but in a good way, it’s probably better for the less serious gamer but they will still be impressed by the quality of graphics. At a snip at 180 pounds the Nintendo Wii is just a different gaming experience to the other consoles, but that is not a negative thing at all. All three consoles are all well worth checking out. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: