You’re all brushing plums, but little plums just want to talk about environmental protection jslottery

You’re all brushing the little plums, but the little plums just want to talk about environmental protection. The award-winning micro-blog won 10000 messages, "Titanic", making Jack and Rose the perfect CP in the hearts of fans all over the world. Won the winner in small plum after a few minutes, the other side of the ocean China, each big website, social networking platform, since the media have also shuabing. Sina entertainment micro-blog, only plum winning this content, half a day there are more than 15000 messages, more than 58000 times forward. This is not surprising, after all, since 1998, Xiao Mei should be the most familiar Chinese Hollywood movie star. In December 19, 1997, the investment of $200 million blockbuster blockbuster "Titanic" released in North America, and landing Chinese cinema in the spring of 1998. Jack and Rose have also become the best CP in the hearts of people all over the world. And when Leonardo reached the peak of the value and perfect figure, also captured the hearts of Chinese fans. Chinese fans also affectionately call him "little plum" according to his full name, Leonardo Dicaprio, who was translated as Leonardo. Over the years, Chinese fans have witnessed the ups and downs of plum and body shapes, as well as the year after year running sticks. Even before the award, a list of two versions of the plum prize won’t be awarded. The award-winning version: Tu and Nobel, human and gravitational waves, Liz and Oscar, you and I; not winning version: Haruki Murakami and Nobel, Wang Feng and Liz headlines, and Oscar, you and me. With the plum award, "Xiao Li did not take Oscar" rotten rotten stem will disappear. But a lot of fans with the feelings of netizens said, think of here, the heart is actually "a bit lost."". But netizens soon discovered that without Mike Oscar, we had the Haruki Nobel prize, the Arsenal champion, and so on. In addition, there are friends teasing Xiao Mei, "he was so many heroines, play and can not get the Oscar prize, did not think with a bear to help him complete the dream"; "little plums are holding the gold man, how are you still single?"".   just a plum award. Next year’s award ceremony, will the ratings be the lowest in history? (Sina News Liang Chao comprehensive report) 你们都在刷小李子,小李子却只想谈谈环保 获奖微博获万条留言 《泰坦尼克号》让Jack跟Rose成为了全世界影迷心中的完美CP。   就在小李子获得影帝的几分钟之后,大洋彼岸的中国,各大网站、社交平台、自媒体也纷纷刷屏。   新浪娱乐的微博中,仅小李子获奖的这一条内容,半天时间就有15000多条留言,58000多次的转发。   这也不奇怪,毕竟从1998年起,小李子应该就是中国人最熟悉的好莱坞影星了。   1997年12月19日,投资2亿美元的巨制大片《泰坦尼克号》在北美上映,并于1998年春登陆中国院线。Jack跟Rose也成为了全世界人民心中的最佳CP。   而那时莱昂纳多达到巅峰的颜值跟完美的身材,也俘获了中国影迷们的心。   中国的影迷也根据他的全名莱昂纳多・迪卡普里奥曾翻译为李奥纳多,而亲切地称呼他为小李子。   这些年,中国的影迷一起见证着小李子的起起伏伏的颜值跟身形,以及那些年复一年的陪跑梗。   甚至在此次颁奖前,有段子手列出了小李子得奖跟未得奖的两个版本。获奖版:屠呦呦和诺贝尔,人力和引力波,小李子和奥斯卡,我和你;未获奖版:村上春树和诺贝尔,汪峰和头条,小李子和奥斯卡,我和你。   随着小李子的获奖,“小李又没拿奥斯卡”的万年烂梗也行将消失。但是不少影迷跟网友的心情表示,想到这里,心里居然是“有点失落的”。   但是网友很快发现,没有小李奥斯卡梗,我们还有“村上诺贝尔奖”梗,“阿森纳冠军”梗等等。   除此之外,还有网友调侃小李子,“他那么多任女主角搭戏都与拿不到奥斯卡奖,没想到与一头母熊帮他完成了梦想”;“小李子都拿小金人了,你怎么还单身?”。     只是小李子获奖了,明年的颁奖礼,收视率会不会成为史上最低呢?   (新浪新闻 梁超 综合报道)相关的主题文章: