Zhangjiajie Travel Bureau set off the tourists 4 crimes or fines 300 thousand-ssdao

Zhangjiajie Travel Bureau set off the tourists 4 "crimes" or heavy penalties in 300 thousand (original title: set off the tourists 4 "crimes" announced Zhangjiajie CITS or fines 300 thousand) 2016 "eleven" during the golden week, the media exposure of a Zhangjiajie Gang set off events. Pay more attention on net Zhangjiajie news October 13th "eleven" Golden Week "reporter in Zhangjiajie and a gang of" cheating incident today, with the latest progress of. 13 PM, Zhangjiajie Municipal Tourism Committee announced the results of the investigation of the case, and issued on the Zhangjiajie China travel agency and deluxe salesroom, someone’s guide, Zhangjiajie dragon taxi company taxi and the preliminary comments. According to the preliminary opinions, Zhangjiajie CITS China or will be sentenced to a fine of 300 thousand yuan, confiscate the illegal income, shall be ordered to shut down someone’s shop, revoked or withheld involved guide documents; "chase off drive off the staff and be detained or fined; someone’s taxi is fine and points, to suspend operations, the taxi company at the point, was informed, responsible person interviewed company punishment. When the news reporter noted that in this incident, the local is taken by the brigade Committee and led by the tourism quality supervision, tourism, tourism, trade and Industry Bureau police detachment collaborative transportation authority investigation, and then according to their respective functions, respectively, according to the applicable laws and regulations of the way. Insiders believe that this will always encounter difficulties in coordination, law enforcement is difficult to have a reference value of tourism law enforcement. The Zhangjiajie Municipal Tourism Committee said, the local will continue to carry out the "two strike remediation special action and peace satisfaction in Zhangjiajie special activities, and always keep the pressure up, to disrupt the market order and the joint behavior outcrop; all tourism related departments to carry out a series of joint law enforcement inspection and centralized rectification action, centralized the rectification of the city’s tourist shops and city taxi. In the following the end of the preliminary investigation, preliminary opinions of Zhangjiajie Tourism Quality Supervision, industry and commerce, tourism, tourist police department respectively according to their respective functions according to law, and enumerated in this case, cheating gang of 4 "crimes": 1, Zhangjiajie China travel agency Limited by Share Ltd: suspected illegal acts: suspected to reasonable low price marketing department organizing tourist activities, the scope of business in the tourism process is allowed to change the itinerary. Comments: Zhangjiajie Chinese travel agency Limited by Share Ltd fined 200 thousand yuan, shall be confiscated; ordered to shut down King giants department, and dismiss the marketing department responsible person; the travel agency is not in place rectification, suspend approval of the travel agency to set up a new marketing department; the business sector intends to revoke someone’s Deluxe Salesroom the business license; further investigation and verification of the relevant responsible personnel put forward specific advices on someone’s guide; Wu Jie daoyouzheng revoked, Ding Kang withheld tour card 6 months of punishment. 2, Zhangjiajie China Travel Service Limited by Share Ltd: alleged illegal behavior: alleged commercial bribery. Comments: Zhangjiajie Chinese travel agency Limited by Share Ltd suspected of commercial bribery, Zhangjiajie city Industrial and Commercial Bureau have filed and the end of the investigation, the violation of the "People’s Republic of China Anti Unfair Competition Law" article eighth of the regulations)相关的主题文章: