Zhangzhou port intercepted hundreds of live fly in the entry ship, and created the single numb dachiyouxiang

Zhangzhou port intercepted inbound ships in hundreds of live flies   a single number of the most in Fujian channel — people.com.cn original title: Zhangzhou port intercepted inbound ship hundreds of live flies a single number of the most recently, the Zhangzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau in CMB port on a ship from the north into the territory of Tanzania ships "" Ming Xiangda boarding and quarantine, intercepted 366 flies, which flies 350, Boettcherisca 16, a number of single flies intercepted most. According to reports, the staff found that the ship body worn, poor overall health, and not equipped with enough pest control equipments. A large number of vectors were found in ships, kitchens, restaurants and other areas through careful inspection by health and quarantine personnel. The intercepted species of the genus Diptera, Diptera, are known to have more than 10000 species worldwide. Flies great harm to humans, in addition to harassment, vampire, human parasite invaded tissue leads to myiasis, can also carry a variety of bacteria, virus, parasite eggs by mechanical means, spread many diseases, such as dysentery, typhoid and other diseases. They are mainly in the food and transportation facilities such as food storage, dining room, living room and so on. The activity space is relatively narrow, which increases the risk of disease transmission. According to the ship vector breeding situation, Zhangzhou inspection and quarantine supervision and implementation of sanitary disinfection measures to prevent epidemic epidemics of infectious diseases, in order to effectively reduce the risk of the spread of disease vectors, protect the frontier port health safety. At the same time, the ship "exemption from sanitary control measures certificate" was collected, and the "ship health control measures certificate" was issued, which is the second health control certificate issued by Zhangzhou bureau. (the network reporter Wang Huimin correspondent Lin Zhihua) (Wu Zhou, commissioning editor: Zhang?) 漳州口岸截获入境船舶内数百只活蝇 创单次数量之最–福建频道–人民网 原标题:漳州口岸截获入境船舶内数百只活蝇 创单次数量之最   近日,漳州检验检疫局在招银港区对一艘来自朝鲜入境坦桑尼亚籍船舶“明祥达”登轮检疫时,截获蝇类366只,其中家蝇350只,棕尾别麻蝇16只,创单次蝇类截获数量之最。   据介绍,当时工作人员发现该轮船体破旧、整体卫生状况较差,且未配备足够的病媒生物防治药械。经卫生检疫人员仔细查验,在船舶厨房、餐厅等区域发现大量病媒生物。   此次截获的蝇类属昆虫纲双翅目环裂亚目,全世界已知10000多种。蝇类对人类危害巨大,除骚扰、吸血、侵害组织寄生人体导致蝇蛆病外,还可以通过机械性方式携带各种细菌、病毒、寄生虫卵,传播多种疾病,如痢疾、伤寒等疾病。它们在轮船等交通工具中的活动场所主要是食品储藏间、食堂、起居室等,活动空间相对狭小,增加了疾病传播风险。   针对该船舶病媒生物滋生情况,漳州检验检疫局监督其实施卫生除害处理措施,严防疫情疫病传入,以有效减少传染病通过病媒生物传播的风险,保障国境口岸卫生安全。同时,收缴该船舶的《船舶免予卫生控制措施证书》,给予签发《船舶卫生控制措施证书》,这是漳州局签发的第二份卫生控制证书。(闽南网记者 王惠敏 通讯员 林志华) (责编:张?、吴舟)相关的主题文章: