Zhejiang a drug addict pull his girlfriend to raise drug money, two people walked on the trafficking-sopor aeternus

Zhejiang a drug addict pull his girlfriend to raise drug money, two people walked on the trafficking of no return – zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in November 15 Quzhou Xinhua (trainee reporter correspondent Wang Gang Lin sense) for illegal possession of drugs was jailed for eight years, has a total of five times of drug convictions, to outsiders, Zhejiang Quzhou Jiangshan Xu (a pseudonym) is hundred-percent addicts, although repeatedly arrested by public security organs, but he always do not repent. 15, the reporter learned from Jiangshan City Public Security Bureau, Xu was poisoned after pulling his girlfriend with a drug. There is no fixed work and economic sources of Xu and his girlfriend to raise drug money, actually make a difference through the development of offline drug trafficking. The day before, the "poison duck" was arrested by local police and criminal detention. In early 2015, Xu accidentally met in WeChat music, two people met earlier, soon developed into male and female friends. With the in-depth understanding of each other, Yue Mou soon aware of a bad habit of drug addiction. In a query, Xu told the truth in his drug addiction, but Xu did not therefore feel ashamed, but as a "ideological work", "what are the times now, mix in the society which not smoked two cigarettes and wine, it is like everyone that is harmful to health, but not There are plenty of people who smoke and drink!" The beginning is a conflict, but in a repeated temptation, a try a few puffs of ice. The first time a drug that was completely "float desire Fairy" feeling to conquer, "this is much better than a cigarette and wine". Hold it in mind, the next day, Yue and Xu often in the rented room enjoy skating. But the good king is not long, because the two people do not have a fixed job, after taking drugs is no more mind to go out to work. Since there is no source of income, to solve the shortage of money has become their a pressing matter of the moment. Silaixiangqu, Xu, come up with a "coup" — for the home to sell drugs to earn spreads. "It’s a drug trafficking!" The music that Xu’s idea, firmly opposed. Although music is not very familiar with the law, but she knows that the drug was arrested by the police may be detained for up to a few days, and once the drug was arrested, light jail, the death penalty. Xu also knew the risks, just think, no risk where gregory. Xu Ruanmoyingpao, music became a drug distribution Xu a line by Xu contact home "purchase", and then through a high line of drug sales to buyers make the difference. Tianwanghuihui, Jiangshan City Public Security Bureau police station in a village will Xu captured drug action. Two Shenxianjuanlv like life ended, and the poison love is doomed to pay dearly for this walk on the road of no return. The day before, Xu and a suspicion of Jiangshan City Public Security Bureau of criminal detention by drug trafficking. (end)相关的主题文章: