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Zong Ning: why not die LETV – an internal email Sohu caused a great disturbance of science and technology Jia Yueting, seemed to be sincere reflection, and finally got it a lot. Chinese media, people or success of opportunistic often with respect, such as English teacher can also buy Apple mobile phone or through the fans have a fever you can subvert the industry operation from the narrative and Tian Ji horse arrow or fire what Chibi did not essentially different, it seems the subtext is if they can succeed in speculation, so can I. I do not want to break this window, but if you have a ready pen of entrepreneurs, we are doubtful that such a thing I do not even think, so they are a liar "is actually a very typical low mentality. Of course, this kind of thing is not the first time, in my impression is like a very old Jingdong. The Jingdong burn do logistics is black light Li Guoqing predicted the injured all over the body, more than once the collapse of Jingdong. I was behind the Jingdong, Jingdong in the last round of financing, we have said, how long can I write very Jingdong, a Jingdong "dead ending the war", Liu Qiangdong was very happy to see, also wrote an internal e-mail, said this article is well written, we are not burn, we are doing the value of investment in the future. Later, the entrepreneur to the Jingdong to do a cover article, called "why Jingdong will not die". Because the situation is very similar to that time, so I would like to write an article, "why not die as music". It is worth mentioning that, as the music and Jingdong has just reached a strategic cooperation to achieve interoperability at the member level, at the operational level, to achieve a combination, I do not know is the fate or coincidence. LETV not Delong titanium media articles to music may be called a Delong, I actually have a very simple view, it is not professional, or is bad, the blind damage to the enterprise is a great analogy. After all, most readers do not think that the author does not understand anything, but in a large number of professional seems to think that the table is likely to be true. This method is used to write a blind hat in a listed company, apparently not rigorous enough, causing the stock price fluctuations, the prosecution should be. In fact, in addition to the two listed companies have such a similar place, there is no other similar places. Delong refers to the control of the number of listed companies are investment guarantee manipulation of stock market manipulation pulled huge. But when writing music, you can see the music as clear as noonday, the only one listed company, then LETV has recently dropped by more than 35%. If you do not control the stock pulled out of the question what Delong, and if only invest in the capital market is cash, not conscience. After all, most of the listed companies cash into the pockets of leaders, so Dong Mingzhu will shout out the word "I give you 18 billion, you are not satisfied, I am not a penny, you can take me?" If Jia Yueting shares the music as cash, loaded into their pockets is the truth, into the company is.相关的主题文章: