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Zuckerberg: let the world mutual aid is more important for social media. PingWest Lianzi P Slide Show has become a social media seems to be the most important thing, but in the eyes of Zuckerberg is not so. Facebook CEO Zuckerberg arrived in Italy, which had just experienced a major earthquake, and this week a live broadcast of a quiz with the local youth. Zuckerberg in response to questions from the audience, said that although the P map is the life of the world’s most popular social media favorite thing to do, but the role of social media should not stop here. In Zuckerberg’s mind, through social media to make the world interconnected, so that people understand each other, to help each other is the social media, in the future more important thing. In response to the audience’s questions, he announced an ongoing security update on the Facebook is a sign: the future of the security function can be initiated by the user initiative. Prior to this, Facebook’s safety sign function has been praised. Whether in the Paris terrorist attacks, terrorist attacks, the Dallas police, armed conflict or even just after the Italy earthquake, the sign Facebook function are experiencing a disaster, experienced pain people and their families to send a taste of a pacifier. Whenever the disaster comes, Facebook will be the official launch of the sign function, to the disaster, the people in the vicinity of the accident issued a push to ask whether they are safe. Once the user clicks on the push, I am very safe (I ‘m safe) for safe entry, the user’s all loved ones, Facebook friends can get the first time he safe message, so that we can rest assured. If there is no reply, family and friends can also help to contact the local police search and rescue or more efforts. Zuckerberg said, Facebook is accelerating the further development and update of the safety sign function. In the upcoming update, Facebook will completely open to the public safety sign function, not only let the user can push according to complete safety sign, hope to launch new features so that the user can spontaneously in the disaster take the initiative to open around the sign function, can be more effective, the first time to launch the people around safety sign push. Of course, in addition to improving timeliness, this update may also be in response to some recent questions about the safety of Facebook login function. This safety sign function basically only in the western developed countries suffer disaster when opened, but in Africa, Syria and other places suffered even frequent terrorist attacks on the place has rarely been tried to push the safety sign function. So, once the future users can start their own security around the sign function, Facebook will have the opportunity to completely avoid this unconscious of the difference". However, on the user can take the initiative to start the security around the sign function in the end how to implement this update, especially when the user initiative, how to identify the true.相关的主题文章: